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Every skin type is different, so each skin should receive the proper care according to its needs. What is common for every skin type, is that each skin should get a facial treatment. Everybody needs to make regular scrubs and hydrate the skin with masks, oils and creams. If the skin doesn’t get the proper care, the skin will be with acne, it will be very dry or very shiny.     A very dry skin. You use both the day and the night cream, but the skin is still not hydrated? The skin doesn’t get hydrated by creams only....

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Struggling with acne and wrinkles at the same time, can be very frustrating. Because, anti-acne products can make the skin dry and flaky and make the signs of aging more visible. On the other hand, anti-age products are creamy and thick, which can make the breakouts and clogged pores even worse. So, here starts the dilemma what to do about this? And the answer to this dilemma is to use a mix of anti-acne products and anti-aging products. The anti-acne products should be gentle, non-drying and skin softening and the anti-aging products should have fluid, lightweight textures without any pore-clogging...

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