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The nature is the best doctor. There are a lot of plants that heal the organism. The traditional medicine that uses plants to remedy different diseases is called herbal medicine. Because there are a lot of skin diseases it is already proven that different plants and flowers can remedy acne, pimples, psoriasis etc.     The rose. The benefits of the rose for the skin are well known since the ancient times. The rose water is a natural tonic for the sensitive skin, because the rose doesn’t irritate the skin and it is very gentle. The rose is part of...

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Ancient medicine has always given much importance to the magical properties of flowers besides their wonderful aromas, different types, colors and sizes that each seems to be a piece of art. This is because many of them have incredible properties that can be used as natural remedies. They have always been and still are used for beautification, rejuvenation and perfumery. Flowers can be used in cosmetic industry in so many ways: from face washes to massage oils, lotions, body soaps and you name it! While some flowers can help in treating skin problems, others act as anti-inflammatory agents or stress...

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